Working to strengthen Canada’s contribution to a better world

Vision and Mission

Canadians expect their government to do the right thing, and to do things right when it comes to international affairs. After all, we occupy a very large portion of the world’s land mass and claim jurisdiction over a vast expanse of ocean and seabed. We invented peacekeeping, wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we are one of the most trade-dependent countries in the G7. Canadians are entitled to feel that their leaders are serving them well internationally and working to earn respect for our country. 

Canada has earned its place in the world, adding real value at the United Nations, promoting human rights and peacekeeping, fighting against apartheid and landmines, taking a principled stand on international issues, and by championing gender equality and human rights in our development assistance programs. We cannot stand on our laurels, however, we can do more, and we can always do better.

The McLeod Group is made up of professionals with many years of experience in government, civil society and academia, working across the fields of international development, diplomacy and foreign policy. We work with others who value human rights, inclusion, equality and sustainable development to advance Canadian policy and action in international cooperation and foreign affairs.

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